50 Shades Of Ombre

Ombre walls have been a stand-out trend for the past couple of seasons. A concept borrowed from the fashion industry and incorporated into the home by gradiating tones from brightest to lightest, the look is stunning and very current.

But if you happen to find yourself barred from any paint jobs (cough, cough) or hesitant to undertake such a tricky DIY on your own walls, these ombre options are perfect alternatives.

Truly one of the best projects for lackluster dresser drawers and items with naturally divided surfaces, this plan of attack will infuse your space with a stylish pop of color. A quick paint refresh is the most effective bang for your buck and instantly transforms a room. Adorning one furniture piece or decorative element is an easy project and great for design commitment-phobes.

Pick out a shade (and its paint card siblings) you love (or just one hue and gradually add more white) to create magically saturated bands of color. And please don’t worry about blending this stuff like a hipster Michelangelo. These stripes are supposed to be more ‘crisp and graphic’ than ‘faux sunset.’ This is not the “That 70’s show” home renovation challenge on Design Star. You are literally just swiping (or spraying!) paint on one drawer or individually taped area at a time.

It’s basically foolproof.

Not to mention, will be much easier to update in 2014, when the entire pinterest community is on their 4th coat of primer, trying to paint over that 20′ x 15′ ombre wall.

Check out this tutorial or buy the vintage teal ombre chair (first photo in this post) for only $40!

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