Sands Of Time





I’m positive that NYC is governed, exclusively, by Murphy’s law.

If I’m waiting for the N train, in the subway, on my way home to Astoria, the R will come, 4 times in a row. The time I’m looking for a new dress, for a friend’s upcoming wedding, the only suitable options will all be white.

And of course, when shopping for clothes, I will only stumble onto great decorating ideas.

Last Friday afternoon, I was exploring the wonderful world of Splendid knits, in Soho, when I spied these bowls of striped sand.

A grown-up version of that plastic chipmunk figurine you filled at the state fair, these beauties are versatile, fun and super inexpensive.

Round up a smorgasbord of your favorite glasswear- varying heights and widths for an eclectic mix- and pour your heart out. Colored sand is available year-round at your neighborhood discount or craft store.

Though it’s a perfect idea for a dinner party centerpiece, seasonal accent or wedding DIY, these bowls are an especially fitting topic, as I’m headed down south for a week on Ocracoke Island.

I’ll be gathering my own sand and looking for new decorating ideas.

Which means, I will probably find an entire new summer/fall/winter wardrobe instead.

Have a lovely Memorial Day weekend!


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