Craigslist Confessions

Finding NYC Apartment > Climbing Mt. Everest > Teaching your cat to speak French

I’ve been hard-pressed to find a 1 Bedroom with just a few prewar details, a 4 burner stove and a bathroom that has been renovated since 1962. Preferably in a neighborhood that won’t be overly dangerous to my wallet or my physical being. (Read: willing to battle gang shootout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in exchange for original moldings and fireplace.)

I’m positive I have developed an addictive relationship with NYC Craigslist’s housing search tool. Multiple checks every hour to look for new listings in desirable areas, with utilities included, can’t be healthy. Also – for future reference, one should not toggle between the penthouse apartments and the homes in your price-range. Because after “just a little peek” at the $15,000 (yes, that is the correct amount of zeros) a month option it’s hard to go back.

The interior designer in me knows I can make any space inviting, cozy and comfortable but the CL junkie just wants the good stuff.

Current Drugs of Choice:

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