Thanks for Everything

I may have not mentioned this, but I’m unemployed.

I graduated a month ago, so instead of having the unpaid blues, it still kind of feels like an unexpected vacation. (Or that North Carolina is experiencing every snow day from my entire school career at once. Except that would be about 20 days and it probably wouldn’t be 109 degrees every day.) So I wake up in the morning, immediately freak out that I’m late for class then remember it’s not applicable.

For the rest of my life.

After 16+ years of school, a break from studio projects and term papers really isn’t such a bad thing. It’s been nice to relax. Friends rushing to their internships and battling the morning traffic on 40 for their already-acquired full time jobs tell me I’m lucky I can sleep in, go out until 3am on a Tuesday night, or take a spontaneous vacation on a whim.

I just feel like I’m waiting for my life to start.

I’ve been lucky to garner a couple of great interviews and portfolio reviews but haven’t heard anything conclusive yet. As a person who likes to be able to measure her progress and achievements at the end of every day (usually in the shape of a new painting, website, pattern or refinished piece of furniture) I am in full-scale struggle mode.

AND THE WORST PART is that upon hearing about my “funemployment” woes, family and friends likely respond with

“Oh it’s only been a month! Just wait until it’s been a year!”

I know it will happen eventually – I will lock down that great job. The waiting game is just killing me. But For the time being I’ll just keep rocking that 9% (coincidentally representing both the current rate of unemployment in the US and the percent employable my Studio Arts major is APPARENTLY).

You might be asking how I can sleep at night. Well, I’m taking full control of what I CAN do to contribute to my job search (besides applying for every artistic job in the NYC area)…meaning I’m obsessing over the ever crucial post-interview Thank You cards. I’m lucky to have been able to already send 5 and I’ve resolved to keep buying appropriate cards to use in the upcoming (hopefully singular) month(s).

Y’all know I’d hit up Etsy in a pinch but before I began stockpiling classy cards I needed them the day of the interview, to get the correspondence mailed to the employer in a reasonable amount of time.Locating subtle yet sophisticated cards has been an arduous task, especially when you are applying for positions as a designer. Nothing says “I have absolutely no taste and can’t think for myself AND I have vision problems” like the disappointingly vapid “THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYZ!!!!!!” selection at Hallmark. That might just be worse than not sending one at all.

It’s been difficult to find blank cards but Target’s offering of Papyrus cards never let me down. In particular, their Flying Bee blank note. It’s a lovely heavier weight and the bee’s trail is hand-stiched to echo the crafty quality of the felt appliqued bee. It’s become my staple.

So here’s hoping “my card” is an employment catalyst and that HR people don’t gossip.

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