Star Power

Those who build beneath the stars build too low.

– Edward Young

I’ve never really been a “beachy” decor kind of girl. Nautically inspired interiors have always seemed like a bit too much of a literal interpretation of a home’s location. Light and airily appointed coastal spaces are wonderful, but when the design scheme gets kitschier than a themed seafood restaurant on its 25th anniversary weekend, I just can’t deal.

Yet, after one glance at this pretty little bathroom – festooned with the most glorious starfish collection I’ve ever seen – I’m instantly converted. Honestly, between the slate blue walls, custom portrait shelves, antique furniture, copper accents, and natural light; it’s perfection.

And maybe Joe’s Crab Shack is looking for a new interior designer?

50 Shades Of Ombre

Ombre walls have been a stand-out trend for the past couple of seasons. A concept borrowed from the fashion industry and incorporated into the home by gradiating tones from brightest to lightest, the look is stunning and very current.

But if you happen to find yourself barred from any paint jobs (cough, cough) or hesitant to undertake such a tricky DIY on your own walls, these ombre options are perfect alternatives.

Truly one of the best projects for lackluster dresser drawers and items with naturally divided surfaces, this plan of attack will infuse your space with a stylish pop of color. A quick paint refresh is the most effective bang for your buck and instantly transforms a room. Adorning one furniture piece or decorative element is an easy project and great for design commitment-phobes.

Pick out a shade (and its paint card siblings) you love (or just one hue and gradually add more white) to create magically saturated bands of color. And please don’t worry about blending this stuff like a hipster Michelangelo. These stripes are supposed to be more ‘crisp and graphic’ than ‘faux sunset.’ This is not the “That 70’s show” home renovation challenge on Design Star. You are literally just swiping (or spraying!) paint on one drawer or individually taped area at a time.

It’s basically foolproof.

Not to mention, will be much easier to update in 2014, when the entire pinterest community is on their 4th coat of primer, trying to paint over that 20′ x 15′ ombre wall.

Check out this tutorial or buy the vintage teal ombre chair (first photo in this post) for only $40!

Freshly Pressed

What better way to send a post-interview thank you or social introduction follow-up, than with these elegant options from Missive?

Fresh, classic designs and solid construction make this boutique letterpress studio’s stationary and calling cards especially luxurious. And I really love the fact that all of their work is produced on vintage presses, with hand-mixed ink.

They send just the right message.

Now, the only problem will be convincing yourself to part with each one of these little beauties.

Teal + Sephora Stripes

Who knew that this kooky color combination could play so well together?

The teal tones are just bright enough to properly balance the bold, black and white pattern. And while both treatments are naturally showstoppers on their own, they compliment each other for a look that adds the perfect bit of elegant, subtle style to any space.

Well, as demure as neon aqua and thick black stripes could ever be…

Ginger Snap

Whether you limit the palate to traditional blue and white lidded containers or incorporate modern-hued, bright solids (or stripes!), classic ginger jars work exceptionally well in a variety of spaces.

Bringing both regency glamour and functional storage to the game; these decorative accessories pack major style.

Collect a little swarm of porcelain pots or display just one large ginger jar for a pretty statement. 

Hide And Seek

Can you spot the hidden thermostats in these vignettes?

I can’t possibly think of a better way to cameoflage unsightly wall electrical controls.

Now if I can only find a solution to distract from monster window AC units…

Bookshelf Basics

Leroy bet me I couldn’t find a pot of gold at the end.

I told him that was a stupid bet because the rainbow was enough.

– Rita Mae Brown

That’s exactly how I feel about my personal library. 

After all of that time spent arranging book jacket covers, in full ombre fashion, who knew the literary tomes would look just as great, simply flipped to display their pages outward? The result is very minimally textural, yet rich; the pages – both antique and freshly purchased – add depth to any space and instantly streamline shelves.

Some organization would obviously be necessary, so that locating a favorite novel would not require tearing your entire library apart. However, I have a feeling this concept could really work to my advantage.

What’s that, Jackson? Oh, you can’t find a single textbook for your grad school classes? Well damn. Guess we will just have to work on our tans in Montauk, instead of that supply chain management paper of yours…

Christmas In July

These felt ball garlands are pure happiness on a string. 

I can just picture these updated holiday classics, draped from a classroom’s ceiling or nursery wall. I’d love to bring one (or twenty seven!) to work, to pack a little punch in our creative office space. They would also work perfectly, layered over a window treatment for extra pizazz.

Find a tutorial here.

Because, honestly, who can wait until Christmas to play cat’s cradle with these pretties?

Climb On

According to our lease:

“Tenants are prohibited from all outdoor gardening practices and placing any planted items on the fire escape.”

Luckily, I’m seriously crushing on these beautiful residential facades, thickly festooned with vines of climbing ivy.

 So it looks like all I’ll need is an exterior wall, some smuggled kudzoo from NC and a landlord with the patience of Job.